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Frequently Asked Questions...

At whom are the courses aimed ?
We provide courses for managers, senior carers, nurses, teachers, carers , support workers, domiciliary care staff , domestic staff , kitchen , activities, hospitals , local authorities and family members.

Could you put together an induction programme for any new staff ?

What is your background in working with people with Learning Difficulties ?
I have taught and run departments in Special Schools working with young people with moderate learning difficulties, severe learning difficulties , emotional and behavioural difficulties as well as hearing impairment, visual impairment , Downs syndrome and autism.

We are struggling to find good Dementia training - what makes your training different ?
It looks at Dementia through the eyes of the people you care for and will reinforce your good practice and challenge you to re-evaluate and further improve your care to become truly person-centred.

Our staff are crying out for help and support regarding Challenging Behaviour – can you help ?
With 20 years in this area within Pupil Referral Units, working with Young Offenders and working as an Advisor for the Home Office on Challenging Behaviour you will not receive a "one size fits all” course . Your own needs will be addressed to empower and further inform your carers with tricks to boost their confidence.

Where are "Training for Carers” based ?

Are you willing to travel ?
Yes but in some cases there will be a travel / accommodation allowance incurred.

We are a large care home group – would you consider training for all of our group ?

We are a small group of individual care homes - could we group together for sessions?
If you can co-ordinate these sessions and organise all invoicing etc it would be an ideal solution and could also bring about even greater learning from different experiences.

We find providing training for night staff a major issue – how can you help ?
I am fully aware of the difficulties in 24 hour care and so offer training sessions at times to suit your shift patterns.

We have had to chase up companies in the past for certificates - what is your policy ?
This is a problem that many Care companies have told me about. With "Training for Carers” your certificates will be presented on the day of the course.

Do you ever speak at Conferences or large meetings ?
As my reputation is spreading I am being asked to speak at more conferences – with my background in entertainment I really enjoy these events – the bigger the better.

What is "Dementia Champions” ?
It is a group of people to inspire , educate and improve the provision of quality care for people with Dementia in Barnsley & South Yorkshire. Barbara Pointon and I are thrilled to have been asked to spearhead this campaign.

How do we arrange payment ?
Please ensure that payment is made in advance of any training or presentation.

What if we have an issue that is not covered in your list of courses ?
A bespoke course could be compiled to cover all of the issues you want raising.

We are struggling with record keeping ?
For a small fee we can provide you with an effortless XL based database that will compile all of your training lists at the push of a button saving days of manager time sat with a highlighter pen and reams of printouts !

What is your approach ?
Learning through enjoyment – when people are happy they open up and that is when learning really happens.

What are your chosen learning styles ?
Having co-ordinated Learning Support in many schools I am aware of all the different ways in which people learn and use all methods to get the best out of any individuals.

What do you need in a training room ?
Ideally, I could do with a room with a large plain wall to project onto and sufficient space to comfortably house your staff.

What equipment is required ?
We bring everything – you provide power, seating and enthusiastic staff .

We have some staff who are excellent at their job but are anxious about training and have literacy issues - how can you help ?
With a background in learning difficulties I am interested in peoples’ strengths not whether they can spell "STRENGTHS” . All members of the group are valued and engaged .Full differentiation is given to help anybody with any literacy issues or poor experiences of previous learning. This aspect of our work has been welcomed by every care provider we have provided training.

Some of our staff are shy and struggle to join in training. How would you deal with this ?
People are shy  because the approach has not been made to suit such people. Our training makes everyone feel comfortable, valued and relaxed. The time flies and they leave invigorated and fired up.

Would you ever put a course together for family members ?
Yes – this could prove invaluable especially regarding dementia, bereavement, challenging behaviour and issues regarding safeguarding and mental capacity as all care providers have highlighted the myths and ignorance that cause problems when providing care & family perceptions of the law.
Any other questions please contact Ian on 07737 410405 or at

Training for carers
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