Training for Carers


Life Story work

ListExplore stereotypes / prejudice

ListSubtle behaviour / non-verbal communication

ListUse bad practice to highlight mistakes

ListUse real life experience / case studies

ListIdentify the causes behind people’s behaviour

ListUnderstand what makes us individuals

ListPerson-centred care

ListSee the person ...not the condition

Dementia Awareness

ListFoster an understanding of Dementia

ListSee life from other perspectives

ListAlzheimer’s Disease , Vascular Disease, Lewy Bodies & Fronto-temporal dementia and how they differ

ListUse real life case studies / experiences

ListChallenge your own values

ListExplore how well we know the people we care for

ListLook at things that mimic dementia

ListUse all of our senses to trigger memories

ListThe impact of diet & lifestyle

ListGive personal tips to make major differences in your care to allow people live well with dementia

ListTreat with respect – handle with care

ListThink "How would I feel ?

Training for carers
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